When it comes to web development, one cannot underestimate the importance of planning a strategic outline plan. This is why we have a team of professional...

Businesses that aren’t using websites are missing out on an entire market of potential customers. Whereas traditional marketing techniques involved the phone book and newspaper, things have changed a lot in the past couple of decades. Even though word of mouth continues to be detrimental to a businesses’ success, having a website is absolutely necessary in the times we live in.

But getting a website isn’t enough. If your website isn’t properly designed, then Google won’t be able to index it in its search results. That effectively means you’re missing out on hundreds to thousands of new customers each month.

It’s easy to find a web design “development” agency that doesn’t actually develop anything, but just gives you a cookie cutter site. Tangelo Digital Media goal on the other hand is to develop a customized website for your needs, with your specific business in mind.

If a business’ building was falling apart and didn’t have a fresh paint job, then it’s likely that customers would make the decision not to use that business’ services. A website is no different. Websites that are poorly built will not only keep Google from indexing them, but they will also scare away potential customers.

Tangelo Digital Media develops custom websites that maximize conversion rates. A poor website design might yield in 5 customers calling in out of each 100 visitors you get to your site. But a website with good design could very well get 20 through 40 callers out of each 100 visitors.

Strong Call to Actions
A call to action in a website is what prompts visitors to do things that will lead to the business earning a customer. Call to actions could include free consultations, signing up to an email subscription or offering coupons.

Tangelo Digital Media focuses on designing your website with strong call to actions built in. This means that your website won’t just be a cookie cutter shell for information. Instead, it will be a strong incentive for potential customers to become actual customers.

We’ve worked with businesses in the auto, food, services, technical, legal and insurance markets. So at Tangelo Digital Media we know exactly what calls to actions are the most effective in each field.

Having a website that incorporates great call to actions also insures that your marketing efforts aren’t put to waste. Remember how a poorly design website can only yield 5 callers out of 100 visitors? And a good website on the other hand can yield in 20 to 40 callers?

Now imagine that you spend $5,000 on marketing your site. Since the poor website design only yields 5% of callers out of total visitors; it means that you would only get 500 callers out of 10,000 visitors. The good website design on the other hand would yield 2,000 to 4,000 callers out of 10,000 visitors.

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