What makes social media so effective is that businesses can market their products, services, and brand to others in an organic way

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Social Media Marketing

Although Facebook and other social networks were once thought of as just for college students, it’s become much more than that today. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks all connect people to other people. However, these social networks also connect businesses to people.

What makes social media so effective is that businesses can market their products, services, and brand to others in an organic way. Whereas a television or radio advertisement might be ignored, a social media advertisement will be seen along with the content friends are posting online.

Even if your business isn’t targeted to sell services or products to consumers, social media is still going to get the word out, boost exposure, and increase sales. At Tangelo Digital Media we also make periodic changes in marketing content, track the results, and constantly optimize to generate more sales per each dollar spent on marketing.

Why Is Social Media Marketing Crucial to a Business?

To truly understand how important social media is for business and their marketing strategies, one should simply consider a company that utilizes social media and one that doesn’t. For example: a local pizza company that doesn’t utilize social media is limited to just their current word of mouth buzz, their online search ranking, and any other expensive advertisements they might be running.

A competitor pizza company that utilizes social media, maybe by asking their customers to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to enter a raffle, may generate thousands of fans. This company that utilizes social media can now let their customers and potential customers know about new food, specials, and offers. This company can also ask their followers to share the company with their friends through social media for a chance to win something.

Just from this example we see that the potential social media generates for businesses is well worth investing into marketing campaigns. There’s no doubt about the power of social media to boost recurring customers as well as new ones. From this example however, we can also see that companies not implementing social media marketing are at a disadvantage to companies that are.

Getting Setup with Social Media Marketing

Before we even start brainstorming ideas for a business’s social media campaign, we meet with the owners to learn everything there is to know about it. We’ll learn everything from a business’s target audience and competitors to every single product or service offered. The more we know about a business, the more marketing content and strategies we’ll be able to come up with.

Also when we begin to interact with customers, employees, and investors through your business’s social media profiles, we’ll need to know as much as possible to strengthen connections.

What if I Don’t Have a Fan Base Yet?

If your business is new or hasn’t yet grown to the point where its customers can be easily converted into online fans, then we can still help you market using social media. Social media platforms like Facebook let advertisers market their services, products, or brand using pay-per-click (PPC). Using PPC a business can show advertisements to a targeted audience based on metrics such as age and gender, and even things such as income level and spending habits.

Once someone clicks on a business’s advertisement, then the business has to pay a certain amount for that click. PPC marketing on social media has its advantages because it is scalable quickly without requiring a customer base first. But it doesn’t connect with customers as organically as acquiring fans through sales and other means.

We can definitely discuss your business’s options and specific requirements over the phone. In fact, we’ve worked with businesses in just about every industry. That means we know exactly where you’re coming from and exactly what you’re looking to get out of social media marketing.

Social Media Branding

We will create for you your social media platforms to put your video where all can see. Social media, as mentioned above, is one of the fastest growing media in the world today. Facebook as 1 billion members and others like Linked In has 200 million. Foursquare has 20 million and Flickr has 32 million. So, millions, in fact billions are going to social media sites daily. That is why putting your company on these sites will help you brand them to become a household name.

This takes time of course, but getting there is very important for your company to grow. There are questions before you move into social media. Does your target audience use social media? Are they more likely to be found on Facebook or Twitter? What about Instagram and Pinterest? And how can you keep up with the latest trends and information?

So before you dive into Social Media, you should know if your target audience is using it. 71% of all females use social media and 62% of all males use it. 83% of those between the ages of 18 –29 use it, 77% of those between the ages of 30-49, 52% of those between 50 – 64 and 32% of those 65 and over all use social media. Twitter has almost 600 million users and Google plus has 390 million.

For all this you need a plan. After planning, you need to execute. And then you choose which social media areas you want to exhibit your video based on your target market. Once you have thought through your target market – then you we can post your video where it belongs.

There are dozens of ways to post these as well, and let Tangelo Digital Media do it for you. It takes experience and knowledge to know what and where to post your video. That is why we are here for you. To make your life easier so you can increase your business.

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