We’ll make sure that your eCommerce solutions are developed properly, optimized if necessary, safe for consumers, and ready to scale at a moment’s notice.


Custom eCommerce development is very detrimental for online stores to be successful. The design and functionality of an eCommerce solution will strongly influence how much sales a store can make. In addition to having to worry about design and shopping experience, online stores also have to protect their users’ credentials.
Online stores that can’t provide their users with a safe and easy shopping experience will not succeed in the online world.

At Tangelo Digital Media we can take care of all these needs, so you can get setup and running as soon as possible.

eCommerce Consulting

We have worked with many businesses in various fields on eCommerce development, and can help bring new solutions to your website. If your business needs to accept online payment, offer a shopping cart system or requires a custom design, then Tangelo Digital Media can help.

Tangelo Digital Media also employs market standard security for user credentials. We use SSL security to protect user data between their computer and our servers. Then from our servers we connect the credentials to your customized payment gateway, which then connects to your bank account. We also setup a system that your shipping service or department can use to ship sold products.

eCommerce Requirements

To get started selling online you will need a few things. This includes a compatible merchant account that connects your bank account to the eCommerce system. PayPal is a simple service used for online stores, but you can also utilize professional solutions such as Authorize.net.

You will also need a PCI-compliant web hosting plan (which we offer) and SSL encryption. PCI DSS compliance is enforced by most merchant gateways. Without complying to these standards, you won’t be able to use most merchant accounts that connect your eCommerce solution to your customers and bank account.

SSL encryption is required to protect your customers’ credit card numbers and other sensitive data from hackers or identity theft.

The Importance of eCommerce

eCommerce popularity has increased 300% from 2008 to 2012. This indicates that consumers are moving to the internet to make many purchases which they would have usually done at local stores. This means that store owners can now connect with customers nationally and globally, instead of having to limit themselves to their physical location.

Having a website also allows you to target a larger audience through content marketing, social media campaigns and other advertising techniques. Whereas local advertising is limited to one area through newspaper and phone book advertisements, the internet holds many more opportunities.

eCommerce also gives customers the chance to purchase products or services 24/7/365, without having employees running the cash register, or even your store being open.

All of these benefits will result in boosted business revenues, which will allow your marketing budget to grow even more.

Getting Started with eCommerce

Tangelo Digital Media can build an eCommerce solution for your business within two to six weeks. It all depends on the scope of the project and the specific eCommerce needs that your business has.

We offer state of the art eCommerce management systems that make it easy for you to manage inventory, shipping and anything thing else a thriving business might need. Tangelo Digital Media also incorporates multiple security measures to insure the safety of your customers’ data. Contact us today to learn more about getting started with selling online.

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