One of the most effective ways to market your business’s services, brand, or products is through content marketing. Content marketing is a really effective technique because it allows businesses to form stronger relationships than they could with general advertisements.


Content marketing is a marketing technique that is highly effective due to its nature. Instead of coming off as an intrusive advertisement to potential customers, it builds trust with them. Content marketing might include news, video, white papers, eBooks, infographics, case studies, how-to guides, QA’s and photos.

A great example of content marketing would be a local painting shop that creates YouTube videos on how to paint your home.
Since they aren’t painters themselves, the content they create doesn’t create any competition. They can safely tell people how to paint their homes, all by themselves, without losing customers.

The people viewing the painting videos on the other hand will begin to trust the painting shop. So the viewers are very likely to stop by the shop and purchase paint from there.
This painting shop could have also released a free eBook on how to paint your home, case studies on different paint brands and how long they last, frequently asked questions about painting and how-to guides.

The added benefit of content marketing to businesses is that it will also improve SEO with their website. Google will start to see that a certain website is an “expert” in a certain area such as “how to paint your home.” Then Google will begin to rank that website higher.

Now the business that is employing the content marketing strategy would now be getting customers through the content marketing, as well as from Google.
Content marketing is also more likely to be shared on social media sites. This is because users will feel like they are posting a useful resource for getting something done, rather than an advertisement for a business or its services.

Whereas consumers are used to blocking out blatant advertisements on TV and on the Internet, they aren’t used to blocking out marketing done through useful content. Content is also easier to promote through PPC advertising campaigns, inbound marketing, and PR campaigns because consumers once again don’t block it out.

The other great thing about content marketing is that it can easily be outsourced to marketing agencies such as Tangelo Marketing. We have experienced writers in many fields that can write highly useful content for your content marketing campaigns.

The greatest benefit of content marketing is that the return on investment is really high. Not only does content marketing create a genuine interest with potential customers, but it also boosts SEO, is easier to advertise and is more likely to be shared through social media.

That is why we recommend that businesses combine contenting marketing with another type of promotion or marketing campaign that we offer. This will improve the effectiveness of both campaigns, because they both increase trust with potential customers.

Instead of advertising your business through direct means, you can use indirect content marketing to build trust with customers. This will not only result in more sales but also long-term relationships with customers, and increased word-of-mouth referrals.

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