Let Your Customers Know with Push Notifications

Let Your Customers Know with Push Notifications Push notification is a service that was created by Apple and launched for its iOS 3.0. It allows you to send messages or event notifications to your app users even if the app isn't running. It shows an alert, a pop-up message, or a badge on the app's icon letting them know that a message is waiting for them. This feature is designed to help out mobile users. Running apps drains your mobile's battery. If you enable push notification, the important alerts and notifications still come through. This means you can get the news without running the app, thus saving the life of your battery. Nothing Pushy About It When you're developing an app, you can add push notifications as a feature. The name sounds like there's something 'pushy' about it,.
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Does a Mobile Website Increase Your Profits?

Does a Mobile Website Increase Your Profits? The short answer: Yes. A recent survey by says 84% of small businesses that go mobile see an increase in profits. That's a pretty high percentage and you can imagine that 84% of those small businesses aren't marketing geniuses. They just realized that their customers were on their mobiles 24/7 and they needed to be there too.

All of the marketing experts online are predicting that mobile will be even more important to businesses in the future. Global financial services firm Morgan Stanly released a report a few years ago saying that mobile web surfing would surpass desktop usage by 2015. The report showed that mobile use was growing exponentially. People are increasingly looking for offline businesses on their mobile devices, and this means it's time to get on the ball..
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What Is a Mobile Website?

What Is a Mobile Website? I've got bad news for folks who like sitting in front of a PC – the desktop computer is going the way of the dodo. Every day about a gazillion new mobile devices are sold. That's not an exact figure, but it's bound to be close. No matter what kind of business you run, you need to have a mobile website.

A mobile website is one that's designed specifically for mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers. Regular sites that are designed for PCs don't look quite right on mobile devices. They can also be hard to navigate. Why the World Loves Mobile Mobiles are taking off because the technology on our phones has finally improved to the point where you can basically do everything. You can surf the internet, check your Facebook.
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